How do you answer my calls?
We would either answer your calls in your name or your company name.

How long does it take to setup a new account for Operator Service?
We guarantee new account setup within 48 hours with express setup turn-around time of 24 hours should you require immediate setup. Additional fee may apply.

Is there a setup charge?
No, at this time we are waiving standard setup charges.

How will you know that incoming call on your phone is for me?
Our phone system is a state of the art PBX system specially designed for this purpose. All incoming calls are displayed with either your name or your company name in our operator console.

Can incoming calls be transferred to my cell phone?
Yes, incoming calls can be transferred to your cell phone, home phone, business phone, or assigned voicemail box.

How do I access my voicemail box?
You will be provided with a special voicemail system phone number to access your messages. You can access your voicemail messages anytime and anywhere at your convenience.

Can you schedule appointments for me when my clients call in?
Yes, for an additional charge, we can schedule appointments for your business.



What address do I use?
Our facility address is: 20955 Pathfinder Road, Suite 100, Diamond Bar, CA 91765

What happens if there are FedEx, UPS, or large package deliveries?
We will receive any packages as long as the postage or shipping charge is prepaid.

How do I pick up my mail or package?
You will be assigned with private mailbox for your mail & package retrieval during our normal business hours of Monday through Friday from 8AM to 5PM, excluding holidays.

Can I print the address on my business card?
Yes, your client will think that you have office space in our facility.

What happens when my client shows up unexpectedly when I am not at the facility?
Our professional staff will let your client or guest know that you are currently away from your office.



What is Day Office?
Day Office is a fully furnished executive office which you can use to project tenancy at our facility to your clients.

Do I need to make reservation to use the Day Office, Meeting Room or Conference Room?
Yes, reservation should be made between 48 hours to 1 week in advance to guarantee availability.

Can I rent a Day Office, Meeting Room or Conference Room after business hours?
Yes, after business hour rental is available, but you will need to make special arrangements with our staff to gain entry into the building.

How do I pay for Day Office, Meeting Room or Conference Room rental?
All rentals are on a prepaid basis. You can mail us a check or we can charge your credit card.

What happens if I end up using the meeting room beyond the time which I made the reservation?
We would charge your credit card for overage hours beyond your reserved time period. We would charge time period by 1/2 hour increments.



What are some benefits of executive suites?
As a tenant of our business center facility, you get to enjoy a high level of professionalism from our supportive staff, free usage of Day Office, Meeting Room, Conference Room and all other common areas.

What type of lease term is available?
We have very flexible lease terms such as Month to Month, 3 Months and 6 Months terms.

What is the typical size of executive suites?
Our executive office and suites range from small 100 s.f. office up to over 1,000 s.f. suites./P>

What is the most inexpensive office?
We have Virtual Office & Shared Office concepts with a starting rate of $190.00 per month.



Do you offer any other discounts for your services?
Yes, there are combo package discounts for Operator Service & Address Service. Also, there are customizable package discounts which include Operator Service, Address Service and Facility Rental (pre-determined fixed rental hours per month). Please inquire about these discounts.

E-mail: info@acaciaexecutiveservices.com